Business Mentoring

Mentoring can double the chances of survival for businesses whose owner is mentored!

Mentoring is the pairing between an experienced entrepreneur and another entrepreneur. It is a voluntary human relationship based on trust, respect but most importantly confidentiality where confidential information is shared that further promotes know-how-to-be rather than know-how.

Mentoring for entrepreneurs allows for, among other things, a better use of local resources to expand one’s network of contacts, making more informed decisions, clarifying the objectives of the company, breaking isolation and above all, developing one’s full potential as an entrepreneur.

It's proven! Mentoring for entrepreneurs doubles the company’s life expectancy from 0-5 years.

The mentor is not a coach or a consultant:

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Coach Instructor, focused on know-how, develops a particular skill.
Consultant Paid relationship based on a service request, also focused on know-how (tax expert, accountant, H.R. specialist, etc.)
Mentor Generalist focused on the know-how-to-be. Is not an expert. Allows the development of entrepreneurial skills in order to become a better business leader.

Benefits for the mentored1:

  • Allows you to step back from day to day management
  • Allows you to increase your business skills
  • Helps to break the sense of isolation
  • Enriches your knowledge and experience
  • Helps to avoid important strategic errors
  • Allows you to be supported and encouraged
  • Allows you to confront your choices with a different vision
  • Allows you to be guided towards the right resources
  • Helps to transform pressure into passion

1Source : Réseau M – Le réseau de mentorat pour entrepreneurs de la Fondation de l’entrepreneurship


  • Claude Baril, co-chef mentor
    Owner, IGA Extra in Shawinigan
  • Donald Angers
    Director, Business Development for C3E
  • Gérard Coulombe
    Co-Partner, Auberge Escapade et Armadia HouseBoat
  • Jean-Guy Ladrière
    Owner, Marcotte Alimentation et Poissonnerie
  • Marc Ménard
    Owner, Micro-brasserie Broadway Pub
  • Sylvain Pérusse
    Owner, Infoteck Centre de l'ordinateur
  • Renée Tremblay
    Owner, Architecte Renée Tremblay
  • Alain Lemieux, co-chef mentor
    President, Lemieux Designer Manufacturier Haute Griffe & ÉcoGriffe Canada et président Société Immobilière Lemieux Inc.
  • France Brisson
    Owner, Rôtisserie St-Hubert de Shawinigan
  • Patrick Faucher
    Administrator, Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Isabelle Martin, chef mentor
    President, GDG Environnement
  • Jean Nadeau
    Owner, Rôtisserie St-Hubert de Shawinigan
  • Isaac Tremblay
    Director business development, Micro-brasserie Le Trou du Diable

Be a mentee

Who can be a mentee?

  • Entrepreneur in business for several years (all spheres of activities included)
  • Entrepreneur starting up his/her business (already started)
  • Manager who has just purchased a business
  • Head of a firm thinking of passing on the torch

The daily life of an entrepreneur is often demanding and intense. Everything moves rapidly, pressure weighs heavily on his/her shoulders and close family members have trouble understanding the reality in which he/she is living. Alone at the top, caught between a rock and a hard place, between his/her vision, operations and management, the entrepreneur must make decisions, sometimes rapidly. We know very well that most bankruptcies are caused by bad business decisions.

Being matched with a mentor is choosing to live a privileged relationship with men and women who know how to do business and who want to voluntarily share their expertise and knowledge!

Being a mentee is:

  • Facilitating the accuracy of the goals you want to reach
  • Increasing your ability to seize opportunities
  • Increasing your self confidence
  • Improving your quest for solutions
  • Developing your communication skills
  • Heightening the effectiveness of the organization
  • Improving your leadership
  • Instigating reflexion
  • Broadening your business network

Shawinigan’s mentoring cell is a member of Réseau M of la Fondation de l’entrepreneurship that is:

  • A service available since the year 2000: some 1 700 contractors benefit each year of service
  • More than 1,200 mentors: women and businessmen who have succeeded and who "know how,” voluntarily assisting entrepreneurs in their development (knowing how to be a contractor)
  • Destined to all sectors of economic activity, to all entrepreneurs in all regions of Québec, regardless of the stage of growth of their business
  • A high-calibre program governed by a code of ethics.